Omar Hosawi: Our ambition in the AFC cup is limitless

Omar Hosawi: Our ambition in the AFC cup is limitless Omar Hosawi, the Saudi defender, has highlighted the importance of the current phase of the preparation program. This program is to get ready for the Asian Cup finals in the UAE from January 5 to February 2. Hosawi said: “The Saudi team are always a team with high expectations. Our ambition is high and unlimited. We always aim to have the best results, and the results will not be achieved without benefiting from the preparatory program. We seek to start…

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Al Nassr miss Haosawi and Ramos againt Al Shabab

Al Nassr miss Haosawi and Ramos against Al Shabab Al-Nassr announced today the injury of the player, Omar Haosawi. The player would miss around two games. Al Nassr would face Al Shabab tomorrow in a tough game without the two center backs. Meanwhile, Al Nassr Club has confirmed the absence of Abdulaziz Al-Jabreen and Abdel-Rahman Al-Obaid from Al Shabab match on Friday. The team’s clinic saw the presence of Sultan Al-Ghannam to continue his rehabilitation treatment after being excluded from the Greens list of departures to Jordan.

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Pizzi calls up 25 players for Saudia matches against Yemen and Jordan, Al-Ammar was one them

The first Saudi national team has announced a list of 25 players. Juan Antonio Pizzi coach announced this list for the third part of the preparation program for the Asian Cup 2019, which will be held in the UAE in January. the 25 players are from 9 different clubs and came as follows: Yasser Al-Shahrani, Mohammed Al-Brik, Ali Al-Balahi, Abdullah Otaif, Mohammed Kanno, Salman Al-Faraj, Salem Al Dawsari from Al-Hilal. Mohammed Al-Owais, Mohammed Al-Fatel, Ayman Al-Khalif, Hussein Al-Mekhoi, Abdulrahman Gharib from Al-Ahli. Waleed Abdulla, Sultan Al-Ghannam, Omar Hosawi, Yahia Al Shehri,…

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