The Technical Committee of the Saudi Arabian Football Federation, SAFF, held a ceremony to honor the Saudi coaches who obtained AFC Football Diploma Coaching Course of 2018-2019 session, which took place in 5 phases with more than 500 hours of training.

The SAFF board member, committee chairman Ahmed Al-Rashid presented the certificates of the diploma to 20 national coaches who passed the practical and theoretical tests that took place over the past year in the ceremony that was held on Sunday in Al-Ahsa Governorate and was attended by the vice-chairman of the technical committee and SAFF board member Omar Bakshawen, education manager of the committee Yehia Al-Aiafi and the Asian lecturer Nehad Sokar.

The twenty honored coaches joined another seven Saudi coaches who previously obtained this diploma whose names are: Omar Bakshawen, Hamod Al-Sirir, Ali Al-Karni, Sami Al-Jaber, Ali Al-Motaliq, Naif Al-Amri and Samir Helal.

For his part Al-Rashid cleared that honoring national coaches comes as a recognition from the Saudi Arabian Football Federation of the national coaches in order to support them in their careers, hoping they can achieve success in their careers.

“Honoring the Saudi coaches comes out of our concern on enhancing the confidence of the national coaches because we believe in their highly technical value so we saw that awarding them the certificates in a ceremony reflects the efforts they did over the period of the course”, he added.

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