Dr. Fawzi Al-Jasser, professor and consultant of orthopedic surgery and Dr. Nael Al-Azawi, Consultant of Neurology and Neurology were honored by the Medical Committee of Saudi Arabian Football Federation as Vice-Chairman of the Committee Dr. Anas Deheishi handed them two memorial shields in recognition of their work with the Committee as consultants.

Another two memorial shields were given to Dr. Ahmed Al-Karni, member of the committee and the committee executive director Ahmed Mahrous for their part in examining the medical situation of Ohod player Moamen Zakaria and Damk player Abdel Fadel Swanon.

On the other hand, the Medical Committee of SAFF, headed by Dr. Mubarak Al-Mutawa, has assigned conducting medical tests for the players to consultants from outside the committee,  but on the condition that they are Saudis, because of the committee confidence in the Saudi medical competencies.

The committee called on all medical competencies wishing to cooperate with it, in the light of its confidence in the Saudi medical doctors.

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