Omar Hosawi: Our ambition in the AFC cup is limitless

Omar Hosawi, the Saudi defender, has highlighted the importance of the current phase of the preparation program. This program is to get ready for the Asian Cup finals in the UAE from January 5 to February 2.
Hosawi said: “The Saudi team are always a team with high expectations. Our ambition is high and unlimited. We always aim to have the best results, and the results will not be achieved without benefiting from the preparatory program. We seek to start the competition with full Readiness.”
After that, he added: “We played a number of friendly matches, the diversity of the level of the opposing teams, which has had a positive impact on us as players. Our team includes young and experienced players. We will work together for one goal that we are pursuing and we are waiting for the support of all.”
Saudi Arabia are in Group E with Qatar, Lebanon and North Korea.

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