Hussein Abdul Ghani congratulates Saudia fans on the performance

Hussein Abdul Ghani refused that his call-up to the Saudi team’s list and his participation against Brazil is a tribute to him and stressed that he deserved the opportunity.
“After the end of the game, we lost 2-0,” said Abdul Ghani after the end of the game. “We tried to give the fans a good result, but we did not make it.”
Abdul Ghani, who participated in the stoppage time of the match, said that the players have broken the fear of the international teams. He said that this is the most important in such games for young people.
On the match today, he said: “The team coach asked us to enjoy Brazil and the players showed up distinctly and the differences between the two teams disappeared in the second half.”
He said on the red card: “Al Owais made the right decision to save the ball, especially in the last minutes”

This match was so special to Hussein as he became the oldest Saudi player to participate in a football match.

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