Neymar praised the Saudi Players, Al Dosari and Al Faraj, and talked about Messi and Argentine

Brazilian star Neymar praised the Saudi national football team and described their players with high potential players. He said that the Saudi players played a competitive and rivalry match against Brazil in last Friday’s SuperClasico match.
“I was not surprised with the level of the Saudi team because I knew that they had the potential. They played a strong match against us,” Neymar said in a press conference today before facing Argentina in the final.
“I do not remember exactly the Saudi players, but No. 10 means Salem Al Dosari and No. 7 Salman Al Faraj were good,” The Brazilian added.
On the tomorrow match, Neymar confirmed that the absence of Argentine Messi is influential in the form of the game, but added: “But it remains a strong Clasico and Argentina have special players like Dybala” and they are able to compensate for the absence of Messi”

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