Branko Ivanković the new Croatian coach of Alahli has stressed the importance of selecting foreign players who will be hired to consolidate some positions in the team.

Which is in line with the orientation of the decision-makers in the club, headed by Prince Mansour bin Mishal the general supervisor of football,as the coach has been communicating with them for the past few days to arrange things for the team before the start of the preparations for the next season.

These include working on the selection of distinguished foreign players and achieving the required technical addition.

Croatian Branko Ivanković did not hide the fact that the choice of distinguished foreign players is not without some risk, especially in large clubs that only accept the best performance during matches.

All foreign players on the team list are expected to be evaluated by the Croatian Branko Ivanković before deciding which players to continue during the next season competitions.

Alahli team list includes seven foreign players whose professional contracts valid for the club, the two attackers Omar Soumeh and Diganini Tavares, three midfielders Joseph de Souza, Nicolae Stancio and Claudio Baeza and two defenders Paulo Diaz and Aderlan Santos.

In addition to Brazilian Centre Midfielder player Joseph De Souza and the player Paolo Diaz, Chile defender, although the latter may confuse the accounts of Alahli officials in the presence of a number of offers that want to contract with him and his desire to move to the Argentina River Plate club specifically.

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