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Al-Mugairen talks about Al-Ittihad, Hassan Moaz, Hussein Abdulghani and Al-Hilal

Al-Mugairen talks about Al-Ittihad, Hassan Moaz, Hussein Abdulghani, and Al-Hilal

Al-Ittihad president Nawaf Al-Mugairen commented on the penalty imposed on Hassan Moaz, a player of Al-Ittihad. Moaz was suspended for two years and fined 100,000 riyals.

The Saudi federation had announced early the suspension of Hassan Moaz and fined him financially afer assaulting Hussein Abdulghani. This quarrel was after the match between Al-Ittihad and Ohod.

Al-Mugairen said in his personal account via Twitter: “We are rejecting what our player Hassan Moaz has done. It is not the ethics of Al-Ittihad. But in return, every reaction is done after an action. Did the Football federation knew all the details of the tunnel incident to suspend the Player for two years!.”

“Has the federation asked before that. Why is always Hussein Abdul Ghani?” He asked.

Al-Mugairen added: “Al Hilal are demanding that their match against Al Ittihad next Thursday should be in Jeddah for reasons related to them, and Al-Ittihad do not mind, but we are adhering to our right that the home game will be in our stadium as announced in the league table for the season.”

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