Al Fayhaa passed the first round and Al Qadisiyah elimintaed from Saudi Cup on shock defeat

The first round of the Saudi cup started earlier today with three games. The first one was that between Al Qadisiyah and AL Bakeriah. The game ended 1-0 for Al Bakeriah in a shock defeat. Abdullah Al Ghamdi scored the winning goal in the 82nd goal.

In the second game, Al Batin defeated Al Hijaz 2-0, Krisan Da cruz scored the first goal for  Al Batin in the 65th minute. One minute before the end, Mohamed Mohsen scored the second goal.

In the third game, Al Fayhaa returned in the game against Al Shahid turning his defeat to a 6-2 stunning win. The first half ended 2-1 for Al Shahid but Al Fayhaa scored 5 goals  in the second half to pass this round.

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