Al Ahli took revenge on the loss of the first leg against Al Shabab, and won by four goals, in the game that gathered the two teams, on Friday, at Prince Faisal bin Fahad in Riyadh, for the 26th round of the Mohammed bin Salman professional League.

Al Ahli lifted their points to 46 points in the fifth place, while Al Shabab balance remained on 47 points in the third place.

Al Ahli took control of the first half and managed to score an early goal through defender Mohammed Al Fattil in the 33rd minute.

Al Ahli added the second goal after 5 minutes by Djanini Tavares.

In the second half, Al Ahli added the third goal after Djanini scored the third goal of his team.

Al Ahli pressed for the fourth, which Salman Al Muashir added to end the game with four goals.

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